Why I love Energy medicine!

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As a chiropractor, I’ve always been interested in learning about different alternatives to modern chemical remedies. Twelve years ago, I was ecstatic to discover the power of Energy medicine. I attended Dr. Kam Yuen’s Chinese Energy Medicine class in 2000 and was truly amazed. I learned that distance is not a barrier to healing. It can actually be done without even touching the person being healed! I learned that it was all about clearing blocked energy and could be done almost instantly. In spite of my excitement and my own healing experience, I was sadly unable to successfully practice it myself initially but remain determined to continue in the learning experience.

Unfortunately, I was not able to fully understand how to incorporate this work for the health of my family and patients. However, I remained diligent because I was convinced of the power of this work. I studied anything available online and in April 2010, I started to learn about Paul Wong and his Chinese Energetics. He seemed to have a teaching style that I related to.

In Paul’s teleclass, he offers exercises to help us better understand and determine how it feels for something to be weak versus strong.

As Dr. Yuen said, “Stop thinking so much and start feeling more!”

This is a vital key to being successful at energy work. Once you have found the weaknesses, then you can quickly strengthen them and make some profound changes. He also reveals some unique approaches to clear and strengthen the body which I have found to be extremely helpful.

Paul speaks of the importance of obtaining a serene state of neutrality. This is critical to being successful in this work. The more neutral you are, the more open you will be to finding and correcting energetic imbalances. When we hold any biases, even about ourselves, we can’t be clear and objective. It seems to be more helpful to know only a small amount of information about the person being healed so that you don’t have any preconcieved ideas.

I am amazed at the speed in which Paul gets to the root of the problem and is able to clear the issues causing pain, at times instantly resolving the problem. Both as a teacher and as a practitioner, Paul is impressive. If you want to improve the quality of your life and of others, I highly recommend Paul’s teleclasses, seminars, home study course, personal sessions and anything else that you can get your hands on. I also like that his philosophy is to teach you to learn to do this healing for yourself and your loved ones rather to rely on him or another healer. He believes that we all are healers, we merely need to be helped along by others to that realization.

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